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10 Years In The Making

We sure have been through a lot in 10 years. Three different buildings. Thousands of people through our doors. New friendships, lost friendships. Life changing moments, and moments we’ll never forget. There’s been a lot, but there’s also a lot of you who have been there along with us through all those years.

In those 10 years, CrossFit FUNCTION has evolved in so many ways. Today, it’s the strongest program we have ever offered, and it’s one that is here to stay.

We Started Small, Very Small

Those who began with us will always remember the first building. You don’t forget the small space, and how much equipment we needed to share. You couldn’t skip by the front door or you’d risk hitting your rope on the ceiling. We only had two rowers, and two squat racks on the rig. We ran down a busy street, and while some cars were mindful of us, most were not. I’m not sure how anymore, but somehow we made it work and people were good with it.

The other day, I wrote that my original mission was to spread the passion I had about CrossFit with those around me. I was excited about the life changing effect it had on me, and wanted others to experience that too. It was addicting, and I loved how accomplished it made me feel at the end. My coaching and programming was geared around getting others to share that with me. Like any other 20 year old who opens a business, I was young and immature in my business ownership experience, and I was also young and immature in my coaching experience. We had a lot of great moments, but like a fine wine, it would get better as it aged.

Then We Got Serious, Very Serious

The small building was fun and intimate, but we outgrew that 750sqft space very fast. The new 5000sqft building was a much needed improvement to house the influx of members our growing program would need to accommodate. With a few years of business ownership experience under my belt, the importance of our community was starting to take shape and become what CFF would centre itself around for the next couple of years.

I was well into the depths of my competitive CrossFit career during this time, and the programming and intensity of the group program reflected that. Again, another rookie coach mistake – I’ll be the first one to openly admit that. Intricate programming is not what people need to get results. All those long nights of digesting CrossFit Journal information in my early days would come back to me during my Level 2 in a very vivid revelation moment – I remember it clearly. And from there, CFF would take it’s next shape.

You. It’s Always Been About You.

We started out trying to share the passion we had for CrossFit with others. Hoping that you too, would experience the life changing moments this fitness program brought us. We accomplished that in the early years, absolutely.

And as we continue to dig our roots in Yorkton, our mission becomes about influencing and enriching the lives of those in our community.

You come to us with a problem, a need for change. It’s our job to help you get past that. By doing that, you’ll feel and share the passion for this program as we do, and you’ll get to feel the power of the community, just as we do.

But it all starts with a solution to your problem, and that’s what we’re here to help with.

So that’s our mission now: To influence and enrich the lives of those in the Yorkton community. We’ll do that through fitness, nutrition, and other means like involvement in the community.

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