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3 Reasons Not To Depend On The Scale To Lose Weight

At CrossFit FUNCTION, our new clients sit down with our Nutrition Coach for a Nutrition Consultation. We do this for a few reasons: First, the type of transformation you are looking for, depends on more than just fitness. Nutrition is the largest part of the equation, and it’s important that while you may search us out looking for fitness, you tackle your nutrition as well. You can’t outwork a bad diet, as they say! Secondly, we want to get you on our InBody machine because this will give us a clear and accurate representation of what’s going on inside of your body, what it’s made up of, and show you just what type of things need to change.

Unfortunately, most of us use our bathroom weigh scales to determine whether we are losing weight or not. These are terribly inaccurate and often don’t tell the whole story.

The InBody machine provides a much better picture of what exactly is going on inside. Here’s a few more reasons why this machine is so important.

What Is The InBody Machine?

The InBody machine is a very expensive, non-invasive analysis tool that gives us a complete breakdown of your weight in terms of body fat, muscle mass, and water weight. Ever wonder what’s really happening when you step on the scale every morning? How can it be 5-10lbs different from one day to the next? Did last night’s wine really make me fat overnight? 

Weight is a really poor indicator for health. It does not distinguish fat from muscle. That being said, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is also a poor indicator of health. Your BMI is calculated based on weight and height. So, someone who is a fun-sized, extremely fit athlete may appear obese on a standard BMI chart because their weight to height ratio may not take into account all the extra muscle mass. 

The InBody Does It Better

Instead, we focus on your body fat to weight ratio known as body fat percentage. Measuring  body fat percentage will help us better focus on fat loss rather than weight loss. Ever heard of skinny fat? You can have a perfectly healthy looking 120lb female, put her on the InBody and find out that she’s 48% body fat. That’s almost HALF her body weight in fat. Again, standard BMI measuring is inaccurate. The InBody test will tell you your body fat percentage and exactly how many pounds of fat you have in comparison to healthy ranges of people your age, height, and gender. 

It’s Not All About Fat

Muscle is just as important! You’ll see numbers all over the sheet that show us exactly how many pounds of muscle you have, the distribution of muscle mass in each segment of your body, and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)–how many calories your body burns at rest with no exercise–HINT: the more muscle you have, the more efficient your body is at burning fat! 

The Silent Culprit

If you’re concerned about weight fluctuations daily, your water weight is likely to blame. Your body may be dehydrated, inflamed, or lacking proper nutrient absorption. We will be able to see changes in water weight with the InBody as well. If you’ve gone on a low carb diet, you may have noticed a huge decrease in weight on the scale! “Yippee!! I’ve lost weight.” Hold on! Let’s check for accuracy with the InBody. Come to find out, by only cutting out carbs and not focusing on proper exercise, sleep, stress, and quality proteins, fats, and fiber dense carbs, you only lost 15lbs of water and actually gained 3lbs of fat. No wonder fad diets don’t work! 

If you’re curious what’s going on with the weight on your scale, just click this link for a free conversation. We offer InBody scans at CrossFit FUNCTION with a complete interpretation by a professional coach. Book your No Sweat Intro now! 

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