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3 Tips For Getting Back Into A Gym Routine

Two things have happened in the past few months: Restrictions have lightened a little bit, enabling us to go out to more places, and summer has struck. This is a lethal combination after being locked in the house for way too many months. And while many ran for the gym as one of their first escapades of freedom, many went the opposite way and have struggled to get back into, or start, a fitness routine. No fear though — here’s a few steps that can help you get that kickstart you’re searching for.

Get In The Door

The first step always begins with reaching out, either figuratively or literally. By stepping in the door, you are making the first commitment – seeking out information. Information is power, and will help you make an informed decision when it comes to finding the right fit for you. If you can’t literally get in the door of a gym, try messaging or calling them.

Most places that care about their clients will have a meet-and-greet type of meeting. Ours is labelled as a No Sweat Intro. A meeting like this enables the coach to get to know you, what your expectations are, and what things you’d like to achieve. It helps determine if this is the right program for you, but it also establishes a relationship with the coach, and that relationship will become a powerful tool when it comes to accountability.

Treat It Like An Appointment

Our health and wellness is just as important as anything else we do in our lives, if not more important. We will book a doctor’s appointment or a massage, and eliminate all resistance we have that might disrupt those appointments. “Sorry, I have a massage booked,” is something that comes out of our mouths without hesitation. So why do we give up our gym hour to almost anything? Why is the gym appointment treated so differently, yet it has such a profound impact?

When you reserve your class with us, treat it like you would that massage or doctor’s appointment. Nothing can get in the way, unless it is high on the seriousness spectrum. Family reasons coming in the way of it is probably one of the most common we hear. While family stuff is important, understand that by going to the gym and working on yourself, you’re helping better yourself for them, also.

Treat it like an appointment, and you’ll reap the benefits when you treat it with the importance it deserves.

Have An Accountability Buddy

We know that accountability is a huge part of success. Whether that’s reporting to someone you are close with, someone you have things in common with, or maybe even your coach. If you have someone checking in on you, or someone you can talk to and bounce things off of, this will help you be successful when it comes to getting to the gym. A quick, “I don’t feel like it today,” can quickly be turned around when you’ve got someone there that shares the investment in health and fitness.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your Coach if you are experiencing trouble getting back into routine. A Coach can help you incorporate some of these strategies to help you get that gym hour back into your day.

And if your current routine isn’t working for you, book your FREE No Sweat Intro with us, and we’ll show you what some accountability can do.

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