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7 Questions To Ask Yourself About Personal Training

CrossFit gyms are typically known for their group fitness programs. While that might be a large part of what we do, it’s not the only thing that we do! Our Personal Training services are incredibly valuable to help you achieve your goals.

Many don’t know exactly what Personal Training can do, or why they might need it. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine if Personal Training is for you.

What Do I Want To Achieve?

When we sit down for a No Sweat Intro with someone who first steps foot into CFF, we ask them about their goals. We want to know why they are here, and what problems they need help with. Sometimes they are trying to achieve weight loss, want to become stronger, or set a great example for their kids.

Your goals will help guide what the best plan is. Perhaps you have some physical limitations that need some extra attention, or you need some extra guidance. If your goals revolve around a set of specific skills, Personal Training is a great option.

Each workout is customized and built around your own individual goal. While Group Training is effective, we can target those goals better with individualized programming and the guidance of a Coach during a Personal Training session.

Do I Prefer Privacy?

Group Training can be intimidating from the outside for someone who may not have ever stepped into a gym before. We will never push someone into the Group Training sessions who isn’t ready for it, or doesn’t want to be there.

If you prefer the privacy of working with only just your Coach, Personal Training is the right fit for you.

Is My Schedule Flexible?

Nobody’s schedule will ever align perfectly, and Personal Training comes with a ton of flexibility. If you prefer to workout in the AM, midday, or PM – we can find a slot for you. And if you only have an hour over your lunch break, we offer both 30 and 60 minute sessions.

Even if your schedule only allows you to come in once or twice a week, we have Hybrid programs available to provide you with at-home workouts. These workouts are part of your program, and your Coach will provide you with accountability and guidance to complete them within your own home, and your own limited equipment.

Do I Need The Attention?

While we boast the attentive and professional level of coaching we provide in our Group Training sessions, it will never compare to the type of attention a Personal Training session will provide you with. If you are especially nervous about lifting weights, or want to build your confidence, Personal Training is a great fit for you.

Our Coaches will be with you every step of the way, providing movement cues, encouragement, and feedback. With a private session, this allows our Coach to get to know you better, and the ways you prefer feedback.

Do I Have A Specific Skill Set I Want To Work On?

If you longingly look at that pull-up bar hoping to achieve your first pull-up, or want to work on your Olympic Weightlifting technique, Personal Training is a great option to do that.

It can be difficult to spend the required amount of time and attention on one particular skill within a Group Training session, and we recognize that. With a 30 minute Skill Session, your Coach can help review where your movement faults currently are, help build some skill work into your workout, and set you on the right path forward.

Can I Afford It?

The elephant in the room is obvious; Personal Training costs a varying degree more than a monthly membership at your local regular gym. However, it is a drastically different service, of much higher value and quality.

You are paying for professionalism, and you are paying for attention. The cost also involves an individualized program that is entirely built around your goals. You are paying for results.

Can I Afford Not To?

For some, this is the only option as this is what fits their preference, or their schedule. And while the costs associated with it might appear high, consider what you are comparing it to. Can you put a price on an increased quality of life?

So often we overlook the medical bills and medical supplies we pay for, but we consider that a “normal” part of life. Fast food and Starbucks coffees take precedent over our health and fitness time and time again. Consider where your weekly expenses lay, and reconsider if you can spend that same amount investing in the betterment of your health! Your $6 latte can go a long way if those finances are allocated elsewhere for the time being!

One Path But Not The Only Path

When you first step foot into CFF, we’ll talk about your goals and the reason you are here in the first place. Together we will build a plan that best suits the path of most success. For some, Personal Training is that option. And for others, it’s a great add-on service that can excel you into the next level of achieving your goals!

Either way, it all begins with a conversation. Book your FREE No Sweat Intro here.

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