How Do I Know If I’m Making Progress?

Most people come into the gym with weight loss or strength gaining goals. During our No Sweat Intro, we dive into the things that they …

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What To Do When The Gym Has You Feeling Bored

You’ve been doing something for a really long time, and all of a sudden you feel like abandoning it. You lack creativity, and the only …

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3 Tips For Getting Back Into A Gym Routine

Two things have happened in the past few months: Restrictions have lightened a little bit, enabling us to go out to more places, and summer …

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Throw The Scale Away!

Do you find yourself stepping on the scale, only to see it fluctuating up and down, or not moving any at all? We have heard …

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Why Do We Celebrate Bright Spots?

Every Friday in our CFF Community Page for members only, we celebrate “Bright Spot Friday.” Members are encouraged to share their Bright Spots from the …

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself About Personal Training

CrossFit gyms are typically known for their group fitness programs. While that might be a large part of what we do, it’s not the only …

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Who We Want At CFF

You’ve made it through the pandemic, and now you’re looking to make a change. There are many options out there, which can be both a …

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Why Is Your Gym So Expensive?

Since I opened CrossFit FUNCTION ten years ago, I have crossed paths with thousands of people coming through the doors. In one episode of One …

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Feel Better In 3 Weeks

We can all remember a time when we looked in the mirror and thought to ourselves, “I just want to feel better.” Maybe your clothes …

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Why You Can’t Pick Where Your Body Loses Fat

Over the years of working with hundreds of clients in our Nutrition Program, clients have come in asking how to lose fat in specific areas. …

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