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CFF Is Officially Open For In-Person Business!

Last week, the Saskatchewan government announced that gyms can reopen on June 8th. Two months ago when we were mandated to shut down, reopening was never a guarantee, and something on the very forefront of our minds. Due to the continued support of the best members in the world, we are happy to announce that we will be reopening! This is only the first stage of success however, and we will continue to work hard in the coming months to help solidify CFF’s roots in the ground once again.

Procedures At The Gym

No doubt this is not anything like “business as normal!” There are some things you will need to know if you plan on attending classes once again!

  • We have a class reservation system via the MindBody Connect app, and you must pre-register for classes prior to showing up. There will be 8 spots per class, and these will be highly coveted spots. There are also waitlists for each class, so if you don’t make it in on time, and want to take the chance someone may cancel, please add yourself to the waitlist. Cancellation and No-Show policies will be strictly enforced.
  • If you want to pre/post-workout socialize, please do so outside of the building, with respect to social distancing protocols currently in place.
  • The gym will be marked with individual stations with tape on the floor. Each station will have it’s own equipment, and it’s own cleaning caddies. Please don’t share equipment. You can utilize the supplies in the cleaning caddies to disinfect all equipment at your station after the class is finished, in prep for the next person after you. Thank you for helping us with this; we truly appreciate the team effort this will take.
  • Coaches will have their own cleaning procedures in place between classes to ensure bathrooms and common areas are looked after and disinfected between class use.
  • All equipment will be disinfected at the end of the night, as well as the common spaces. We will also be utilizing a professional cleaning service to oversee the whole gym space.

There are some other important procedures, and these have been emailed out to our membership. Follow these main points, and we should be good to go!

Success Over The Closure

When the closure came about, it was apparent that we needed to take control of the things we could and make the most of this time. We rented out equipment and kept our members moving via online Zoom classes, and Online Fitness Coaching. On top of that, we ran a Nutrition Challenge with the biggest registration we have ever had, and continued to individually help our clients with their own nutrition.

With great challenge, came great success! We had numerous members take charge of their nutrition and have great results! We are so proud to announce that among many who shared success, we had one client lose 21lbs and 8 inches, and another lose almost 30lbs and 12 inches! Participants in our Nutrition Challenge were in control of their sugar cravings and focused on quality food intake, paired with lifestyle habits that would promote the best possible immunity for themselves! While daunting at the beginning, many surprised themselves and were glad they took this step to stay in control of their nutrition!

Aside from celebrating our members, we also took this time to make some changes inside the gym as well! When you come back, you will have to be reacquainted to the new layout of the equipment, and you’ll find some new decorative changes as well! Fresh coats of paint, banners, and pictures hung up. We’ve got a finished space for our No Sweat Intros, Goal Review Sessions, and this also happens to be the space where the magic happens during our One Percent Better podcast recordings!

Where To From Here

With the gym reopening, we are extremely excited to see everyone again, and continue to help them work towards their goals. We have Goal Review Sessions with our members being set up, as we work to find them the best possible route forward to ensure continued progress. Our Online Fitness Coaching clients will continue their work at home, with programming and nutrition accountability that is suited to fit their schedule and goals.

But no matter what the restrictions look like going forward, or what the future looks like for CFF, we will continue our Client First approach, and work hard to provide the most effective, motivating, caring, and fun environment that we can.

The virtual support has been fantastic, but we are excited to see your lovely faces!

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