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Client Spotlight – Annelle Bodnarik!

As a mom it is very easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone body else and leaving yourself for last.

In the fall of 2020 Annelle was looking for something different when it came to her health and wellness routine. She was very active before her daughter was born and wanted to find that routine again.

“I wanted to have some me time and have someone keep me accountable to do it.”

By working one on one with Coach Whitney Annelle was able to find that accountability she was looking for to keep her on track as well as help her stay consistent with her routine.

These personal training sessions soon became more than just a way to get back into shape. They turned into a way to manage her everyday stress.

“Getting myself to the gym helps me get out of that funk when I am feeling a bit off. I walk through those doors and so much pressure and anxiety are lifted after spending an hour with Whitney.”

Some days the hardest part is just getting yourself through the door, but it is once you are inside that is when you can release that stress and focus on yourself and let go of what is going on around you even if it is only for an hour.

“I know I am a better person and mom when I take this time for myself.”

Not only has CrossFit Function become a huge part of Annelle’s life, but it has also become a huge part of her daughter’s life by being a part of our CrossFit minis and wanting to be involved in going to the gym with mom.

By taking that time to show up for ourselves it slowly trickles down into other parts of our lives.

As Annelle reflects on her experience at CFF this past year she is reminded on just how rewarding it is to continue to set and achieve the goals she has made for herself and being able to see herself push past what she thought she could do and the limiting beliefs she had for herself.

The mental shift has played a huge role for her and why she continues to keep showing up.

“The mental health has been a huge change for me from a year ago. I know I am a much better person mentally when I leave the gym.”

Annelle’s only regret is that she wished she would have come here sooner if she knew it would have changed her life this much.

It might be intimidating at first to step out of your comfort zone, but it is what you learn inside the gym that you are able to take with you into your everyday life.


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