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Client Spotlight – Christine Bradley!

In August of 2021 Christine had found herself at a crossroads when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This meant shifting gears to align with her health needs. Instead of pulling back completely from her workouts she worked alongside a coach to help find the best solution to meet her where she was at now.

“These PT sessions make me walk through these doors and hold me accountable.”

Our fitness journeys are not always straight forward, and we need to learn to pivot when we are hit with a roadblock and having a coach to lean on for support is helpful to have.

Coaches are there with the tools you need to help you transition when you find your goals need to change. They don’t leave the guess work up to you with the hope that you are making the right choices.

Christine chose to change things up to make it work for her where she is at now with the help of a coach to guide her along the way.

“It might seem overwhelming and intimidating at first and you think you might not be able to do it, but take that first step and you don’t be disappointed.

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