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Client Spotlight – Courtenay Kilgour!

Have you ever found yourself going through a hard time? 

You find yourself in a funk that you need to snap yourself out of.

For Courtenay she discovered CrossFit for the first time while she was going through a hard time. It became a way for her to work through the hard stuff she was going through and allowed her to come out stronger on the other side.

“When I am going through a hard time these workouts are my gateway out.”

There is something so powerful about finding a way to channel those inner struggles and turn them into a means of pushing you in your workouts.

For some this is the exact motivation they need to keep making progress forward.

Another missing piece of the puzzle is the environment you surround yourself with. An environment that cheers you on and supports you as you’re going through a hard time.

Although CrossFit Function may not have been Courtenay’s first taste of CrossFit it has become her favorite gym overall.

“I have been to five different CrossFit gyms, and nothing compares to CrossFit Function. It’s a family here”

There is just something about the community that comes with CFF when you join. The support and outpour that one receives is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Being new to Yorkton Courtenay never once felt like she was an outsider walking through those doors. She instantly could feel the community’s love, to her this has become a safe place to come and work through any struggles or hardships she is facing.

So how does one find the inspiration to keep showing up even on those hard days?

Courtenay doesn’t have to look far to find her biggest inspiration, herself.

“I am my own inspiration. Only I can get myself out of what I am going through. Only I can bring myself to the gym and put in the hard work so I can reach my goals.”

This isn’t to say that it has been easy for her every step of the way. Showing up to put in the hard work even on the days that she doesn’t feel like it is never an easy task.

It is in those moments when one must rely on discipline over motivation.

You are not going to feel motivated every day that is why it is important to allow discipline to kick in on those days when you are wanting to give up.

 “The battles you have outside of the gym you can battle inside the gym in your head. You can beat those thoughts and show them you are stronger.”

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