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Client Spotlight – Daryl Zimmer!

In the fall of 2020 Daryl felt like he had hit a wall doing his own thing and didn’t feel like he had the support that he needed.

CrossFit Function soon became the answer he was looking for.

A place where he was able to have the guidance and the tools to push himself in his workouts, but also the support of others when it came to his mental health.

Our members genuinely care about your day and the struggles you may be going through.

They are here to cheer you both on and off the floor.

They come together to support you right where you are at because if something is important to you, it is important to all of us.
Looking back on the past year of being a part of the CFF Family Daryl’s favorite memory that comes to mind is the day that over 40 members rallied together and committed to a 5 km run in support of Mental Health. This run soon became known as ‘Daryl’s Run”.

“It was so cool to see not only our members come together, but their families as well.”

This community is truly like no other.

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