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Client Spotlight – Jessica Resler!

You are your biggest investment.

When we value ourselves as that investment, we open new doors to new opportunities.

For Jessica joining CrossFit FUNCTION had been something she had thought about for a while but kept tell herself that she didn’t have the funds to join.

It wasn’t until her at home workouts just weren’t working for her anymore that she finally made the decision to go and at least get the information and see what it was all about.

“I realized I had to invest in myself There is only one me and if I am not the best version of me then I am not the best version of myself for my son; I’m not the best version of myself in anything I am doing. So, I needed to make that investment in myself.”

Jessica has been a part of the competitive fitness world for most of her life and now that she wasn’t doing it, it felt like she was missing a piece of herself. Walking through those doors gave her hope that CFF would be the answer to helping her feel more like herself again.

When she started group classes in June of 2021, she felt an instant pull to the community. “It was the community I never knew I was missing. It just fell into place; I didn’t feel like an outsider I just felt like I fit in.”

The accountability that came with working out alongside others gave her that competitive drive to push herself harder in every workout. Not only are you there to push yourself, but you are also there to push those who are working out around you.

Not only has Jessica been able to find a community here at CFF, but so has her son.

Being a single mom Jessica has found if she wanted to get to the gym that meant her son Princeton would have to come along as well. Being able to have this community not only support her, but her little family as well as been a game changer for her.

“I love seeing how the community interacts with my son.”

By being a part of a community like this has allowed her son to make his own connections with the other members and coaches as well as being able to get involved with the CrossFit Minis.

It is our mission at CFF to be a family friendly organization that promotes healthy living no matter what stage of life you are in.

Jessica’s biggest piece of advice for anyone who is on the fence about joining is just jump into things without hesitation regardless of what you think you might do with the information.

“Even if you are going to sit on it for 6 months I am sure this gym and community will pop back into your mind down the road.”

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