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Client Spotlight – Jolene Kindiak!

During the summer of 2020; right in the middle of the pandemic, in a time that felt very lonely and uncertain Jolene felt like she was in a rut. Staying at home began to feel very lonely for her, leaving her to feel unhappy with herself. 

This is when she turned to CrossFit FUNCTION for help. She needed a place she could be around other people and feel comfortable doing so, but also a place she could work on her health and wellness. 

By reaching out to us our team of Expert Coaches were able to design a plan that worked for her and her lifestyle. Giving her an hour for herself to socialize while still being able to work on her fitness goals.

“I come here for the people; it’s one of the main reasons why I keep coming.”

One of the most unique qualities about CrossFit FUNCTION is the community that comes with it when you join. 

For many it’s the community they didn’t know they needed until they were in it.

It has become an environment that you are able to connect with others who are doing the same workout next to you without feeling like you need to compete against each other.

CrossFit Function has not only become a big part of Jolene’s life, but also a big part of her husband and son’s life and a way for them to connect as a family.

For Jolene it started out as a time she set out for herself, but slowly it became a family affair. It became away to spend more time together with her husband as their son cheered them on.

Working full time and managing a family doesn’t always leave you with that much time left in the day so getting to spend this hour together has become another way for them to connect.

Setting this healthy example is a big reason behind why Jolene continues to keep coming. By showing up for herself she is demonstrating to her son just how important fitness is and that is something that should be a part of your life.

Jolene’s biggest advice for anyone who is on the fence about walking through those doors is to take a chance on it because you never know unless you try.

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