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Client Spotlight – Lauren Melvin!

Finding a fitness routine that works for YOU is important.

What might work for one person doesn’t always work for someone else.

For some they need that extra bit of accountability. They need someone who is next to them cheering them on and giving them an extra push when they start to pull back.

“I’ve tried at home workouts, and I just wasn’t holding myself accountable. I needed something to actually motivate me to do it.”

In April 2021 Lauren had made the decision after pulling back from coming to the gym for the past year to recommit herself to a fitness routine that served her best.

One that had her getting out of the house and into a gym setting.

One that had her feeling like she was a part of a team.

Lauren’s biggest motivation is having that person beside her to challenge her to lift a little heavier or move a little faster.

This has ignited that competitive drive inside her to push herself harder than if she was doing it on her own.

“CrossFit has ignited that competitive drive in me. That feeling in sport training when your legs feel like jello. I never pushed myself like that before.”

Who wouldn’t feel fired up when you have a people cheering you on to cross that finish line?

This is that team feeling.

Even though everyone is competing against themselves you don’t feel like you are doing it on your own.
It might be hard to walk through the door the first time, but everyone is so welcoming and will make you feel like you’re a part of the community right away.

Just jump in and do the scary thing, it only gets easier from there.

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