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Client Spotlight – Marcy Hiduk!

Meet Marcy.

A busy mom of two, a wife, a farmer, and a full-time agribusiness associate for Richardson Pioneer.

To say that her life can be a little hectic may be an understatement especially during her busy seasons.

Between her work and home life Marcy had forgotten to take time for herself leaving her feeling bored and needing something she could call her own.

“I was completely wrapped up in my kids’ schedule and I had forgotten about myself.”

Growing up Marcy was very active and participated in a variety of team sports. Joining CrossFit Function seemed like a great fit for her to have that community team atmosphere while also a way to improve on her fitness.

This new wellness routine had become a way not only for her to stay active, but also a way to keep her mental health in check.

“I realized it is not always about being competitive with myself anymore, but rather about my mental health. I need that hour for myself.”

Being a busy working mom can be challenging at times, but for Marcy she knows that when she takes that time for herself that she is able to show up as her best self rather than what is left of herself.

CrossFit Function has not only become a part of her life, but also a way for her and her family to spend time together. Whether it is her and her husband spending their Friday nights in the 6:30 class together to connect or bonding as a family during a *Hiduk Family Fitness Hour* with their kids.

“It is fun for my kids to find something they can do with their mom and dad outside of the home.”

Marcy enjoys that this is something that can bring her and her family closer together while having the benefits of being active.

Over the years Marcy has seen great growth in not only her physical wellness, but also in what CrossFit Function has done for her self-confidence.

Taking that hour in her day has become a way for her to work on building up that self-confidence so that she is able to show up in all other areas of her life as her best self.

“One of the biggest things Whitney has noticed about me is my confidence; that how whenever something is thrown at me, we just get through it.”

For Marcy CrossFit Function is more than just another gym, but rather a safe place you can come to work on yourself both physically and mentally.

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