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Client Spotlight–Meet our Masters’ Program

Aging for some can be a scary topic to talk about. To think about how your quality of life can deteriorate over time can be a lot to take in. But what if aging didn’t have to be scary? What if there was a way to continue to improve your quality of life even as you got older?

Over the course of the past two years CrossFit Function has been working towards providing Yorkton’s 55+ generation an environment that they can turn to do just that—improve their quality of life.

A safe space for those who are finding their strength is decreasing or they just don’t feel like they have the energy to keep up with their grandkids. Our CFF Masters’ Program has become a place where this generation can work on functional movement to not only help them increase their strength, but to work their mental wellbeing as well.

For many of those the reasoning behind joining is because they are looking for a way to add movement to their day in an environment that can relate to them and their needs in this stage of life.

“It was a fitness class for my age. As you get older it is not always motivating to go to the gym when everyone around you is 20 years younger.” 

CrossFit Function strives to provide the same exceptional service to our clients no matter what their age is. We want to provide an environment that you feel comfortable in to ask questions, try new movements, and just improve your daily life.

The real wins don’t just happen inside these four walls. The real wins are from what our masters can do outside of the gym.

Before joining the Masters’ Program one of our members had a bad reaction to their cholesterol medication leaving her with very little strength. Even the task of holding her newborn grandchild was something she couldn’t find herself to do. A year later after consistently showing up and putting in the work she is feeling stronger than ever and not only can she hold her 20 lb grandchild, but also walk around with her.

“I finally got my life back.”

Another member finally found the courage to retire because she was able to find something to replace those workdays in her calendar with something that still allowed her to socialize. It can be scary to make those big steps, but it is a lot easier when you have something to fall back on.

As people age they start to deteriorate because they feel they have no purpose to get up and no purpose to be with people. They find themselves stuck inside all day with no one to talk to and no real sense of purpose and that can be a scary thought to have.

The Masters’ Program has given these members a sense of purpose and a sense of community. To them it doesn’t matter what stage of fitness you are in they are just happy to have you here. They want to share in your wins and motivate you when you feel you’re struggling.

“It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing because we are doing it together. It is not a competitive thing.”

For many the CFF Masters’ Program has become the highlight of their week. It was through this program they were able to create new friendships even outside of the gym. They have found common interests to bond over and create new memories together. 

The Masters’ program has motivated these members to experience new things together like participating in the 5 km Health Foundation charity road race. Or helping them find a new love for kayaking. This program has truly been able improving their quality of life in more areas than one.

The fact is we are all aging so what is the alternative of just sitting back and going with the flow? What if we could embrace the time we have and improve the quality of daily life? 

The whole purpose of this program is to continue to leave a lasting impact on the community of Yorkton. 

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