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Client Spotlight–Owen Shirtliffe

“Without the community and people checking in on me I don’t think I would be going to the gym as often or if at all if I was going to a regular gym.”

Owen has been a part of our CrossFit Function community for a few years now. Making his first appearance while he was still in high school and taking some time off when he moved away for post-secondary schooling.

Now six and a half years later Owen can still be found hanging out inside these black and yellow walls.

The community part of CrossFit Function is something that Owen values greatly. It is by having that strong community atmosphere that drew him to walking through those doors.

“The community holds me accountable.” 

Returning to Yorkton after being away for school Owen knew he needed a means to get back into shape and CFF was where he needed to come to get that accountability. 

“This community is the same community before I went off to school, but now it’s a lot stronger.”

Aside from the community holding him accountable Owen was drawn to the variant workouts that CFF continues to offer to their clients. This is a way for him to keep learning new skills and not feel stagnant in his wellness journey. The variety of workouts continues to motivate him to show up and get better.

“Every day you can push yourself. Whether you are doing the same workout as everyone else or scaling it up or down. There is always a way to push yourself.”

Outside of the gym you can find Owen working long hours as an electrician.

It has become important to him after those busy days to find a way to decompress.

“After a stressful or busy day at work I like come here to clear my mind. It feels good.”

Aside from having this outlet to clear his mind he has found that by keeping up with his fitness routine he has been able to build up stamina for those longer workdays. Leaving him not feeling as exhausted by the end of those 12–14-hour workdays underground.

There are so many positive things that have come from joining CrossFit Function for Owen. But his biggest piece of advice for those who are sitting on the fence is “You won’t regret it. And once you are here you will want to keep coming.”

Joining CrossFit Function for Owen has become way more than just a means to get a workout in. It has become a place to unwind on the hard days and be surrounded by a community that is there to hold you accountable and support you.

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