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Client Spotlight – Scott Desender!

It was really something special walking through the doors the first time and people you have never met in your entire life are cheering you on and rooting for you the very first day”

For Scott being new to Yorkton he was in need of finding a way to meet new people and make new connections and what better way than joining a gym.

In January 2021 Scott had set out a goal for himself to become more active, but soon realized that putting in the work and finding the momentum to keep going was going to be harder than he thought and soon the goal of becoming more active fell to the back burner.

It wasn’t until a traumatic life event happened where he lost one of his best friends that he realized that something needed to change for him.

“It was a realization to me that things needed to change. I wanted to be healthier and quit some of my bad habits. It drove me.”

Finding that deeper why is what drove him to keep showing up even on the hard days. Every day he kept showing up and soon started to see the changes in his everyday life.

“Every day I just felt better about myself, I started feeling better and getting better sleep at night. I even started to see results at work by having a bigger mental capacity and being able to focus more”

Little by little the things that seemed hard from the start got easier leaving Scott to feel more confident this time around compared to any other plans he tried in the past.

It was the changes that he saw in himself outside of the gym that really began to drive him even more to keep showing up and kick some of his bad habits to the curb.

“I don’t find the urge to drink after work anymore and once I gave up drinking and smoking, I realized I have more money in than I ever had before allowing me to put that money towards all the speciality course the gym has to offer.”

The progress that Scott has made in just a few short months comes back to the community that he has surrounded himself with. A community that has kept him accountable and motivated him to keep putting in the effort and showing up even on the hard days.

“It is the people that keep me going. If there were no people here, I wouldn’t be here.”

Once you find yourself in that family atmosphere CrossFit FUNCTION has to offer its members you won’t want to be anywhere else.


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