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Do I Need To Get In Shape First?

It’s one of the most common, yet most bizarre things we have heard from prospective clients. I can’t count on two hands the number of times in 10 years I have heard, “I need to be in shape first!” I know that what is seen from the outside can be intimidating to those that have never been inside, but this is really a backwards way of thinking about it.

When people tell me that they have wanted to join CrossFit FUNCTION for a long time but they needed to get in shape first, I always tell them that everyone has a day one. Your day one looks differently than my day one, but we all have a day one. The most important thing is that we start.

But I get it. It’s intimidating. The YouTube videos, the pictures, your friends talking about it. It’s overwhelming and it’s intimidating.

So let’s talk about what CrossFit FUNCTION is really like.

Every Ability Level

We have worked with all different types of people with all different types of abilities. From the very young, to the very old, and everything in between. From the avid gym-goer to the first-timer. It doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum, we have worked with someone just like you! Some people haven’t ran in years, and others are marathon runners. Some people have physical limitations that prevent them from doing specific things. It doesn’t matter – you don’t need to be in any type of shape to start. The important part is that you start. Let us get you in shape!

We Always Start With 1on1 Training

It would be incredibly irresponsible of us to throw you into the group setting and say, “Hey, figure it out on your own.” Not only would that be doing you a huge disservice, it would also be diluting our class and our coaching. This would be cause for an incredibly awful experience for you. Turns out, that’s not how we run things here!

Anyone new into our membership goes through five 1on1 sessions to help you become more acquainted with the environment, the movement and technique, and other important aspects like scaling and modifying, and intensity. At the end of these sessions, you’ll walk out feeling more confident and comfortable as you take on your next task.

Everyone Does Their Own Version Of The Workout

It might be one workout on the whiteboard, but when you pan across the class, it’s 15 different versions of that workout. The truth is, people are on different parts of the fitness and skill spectrum, and we’ll meet you where you are. CrossFit is infinitely scalable. In any class, you will see younger individuals working next to older individuals. You will see men and women working side by side. Individuals with injuries and those at the peak of their health.

It doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum, we’ll make the workout suit you where you are.

Everyone Is There To Support You

Everybody around you wants to see you succeed. Whether it’s the coaches or the individuals in your class, there’s nothing but positivity surrounding you in this environment. We are all working towards similar goals, and because of that, we’re here to uplift each other.

Ever felt judged standing in another gym? Felt like everyone’s staring at you, making you extremely uncomfortable?

Not here. The space is filled with encouragement, high fives (in non-Covid days!), and smiles. We’re here to support you, and you’ll feel that in our first conversation during your No Sweat Intro.

You Will See Results

When you put together all of those great things, the end result is just that, results.

While it might feel like you need to be in shape, you don’t. That’s our job.

Over time, you will hear all different kinds of stories from our clients about all the things they can do now, that they couldn’t do before. Sherrie climbed a rope for the first time at CrossFit FUNCTION. Jamie rowed her fastest 1000m ever at CrossFit FUNCTION. Christine lost thirty pounds at CrossFit FUNCTION. Judy regained her mobility since coming to CrossFit FUNCTION.

We can’t wait to see what you will be able to do, too. You just need to start.

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