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How Dads Can Inspire Their Kids to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Every dad takes great pride in seeing their kids grow and learn. We also love to see them succeed and overcome challenges. It is moments like these that are one of the most rewarding parts of being a dad.

But in the process of wanting to see our kids succeed we tend to neglect the most important factor in helping them get there—by modeling these habits ourselves.

We get to be the greatest role models for our kids.

It is by our everyday habits that we begin to show our kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

“Taking this time for myself allows me to be a positive role model and an active presence in my kids’ lives.”

So how do we inspire our kids to live a healthier lifestyle?

By leading by example and modeling these healthy behaviours for our kids to see.

Move daily

It is easy to brush off making time to exercise and it might not always be easy as busy dads to hit the gym all the time. Instead focus on small daily movements to keep active; like a walk around the block or a bike ride with your kids. The goal isn’t to be perfect, rather the goal is to move your body.

Do it together

Get your kids involved and do it together. Instead of sitting down to watch TV after dinner why not head outside to play a game of soccer. This allows you to spend time together while getting your daily movement in; a win-win situation! 

Promote Healthy Eating

Help your kids by showing them how to select healthier snack and meal options. By getting them involved we are engraining the importance of how to build a balanced meal.


Being a dad can be busy and stressful at times. That is why it is important to prioritize time to relax and decompress. Show your kids that prioritizing down time and sleep is important in maintaining a healthy body.

Have Fun

Most importantly have fun! Teach your kids that being active doesn’t have to be boring! 

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