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How Do I Stay Motivated?

We’ve all been there. You are excited to start something new, and your energy is buzzing around it. It’s fresh and shiny at the beginning, but over time it loses the appeal and feels more like a chore now than it did when you started. It’s lost its shine, and now you don’t know how to get it back. How do you get excited about going to the gym again? How do you find the motivation to work as hard as you once did? Why are all the other people around you enjoying it so much, but you feel left in the shadows? Here are a couple things you can do to help bring back the excitement of being at the gym again.


One of the most brought up concerns by prospective clients during our No Sweat Intros is the lack of accountability in the previous program they were in. They felt that past the front door, no one cared if they were attending or not. No one cared if they were achieving their goals, or if they were struggling to get out of bed in the morning. If they didn’t show up, nobody noticed. Turns out, this bothers most people.

To help you stay motivated, it’s important to find a place and a group of people that will help you stay accountable not only to the program, but yourself, too. At CrossFit FUNCTION, we offer accountability in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Coaches: Whether it’s our fitness program or our nutrition program, all of our programs are led by a Coach. This means that there is someone expecting you to be there. Someone is expecting you to challenge yourself. Someone is expecting you to work hard at your goals, and they’re also there to see you succeed. If you stumble, they will help you. Whether it’s missing an appointment, or feeling like you’re not seeing any progress – our Coaches will check in with you regularly to make sure you’re headed down the right path.
  • Community: We have built an incredible community within our walls, and it’s these like-minded, positive people that will help you succeed through each of your sessions. It might be the friendly hello’s in the front lobby, or the casual chit-chat before the class begins. It might be the high-five in passing during the middle of a gruelling workout, or that, “You’ve got this!” cheer from the back of the room when you’re hunched over trying to catch your breath. If it’s not the Coach that’s checking in on you when you miss a class, it’s a fellow athlete. Our people are here to pull you along, not pull you back.

The point is that you’re not alone. We’ll hold you accountable.

Set Attainable Goals

Everyone who steps into CrossFit FUNCTION begins with a free No Sweat Intro (NSI). During this NSI, we talk about what your goals are, what your expectations are, and whether we are the right fit for you. Once we have an idea of what you’re wanting to accomplish, and we determine that we are the right fit to help you do that, the Coach will work with you to determine the best path forward.

After that, we sit down with our athletes every 90 days for Goal Review Sessions, where we revisit what initially brought you in and help you re-evaluate where you are. A new plan is made, and the Coach will continue to work with you to help you stay successful and always challenged.

Just as we hold you accountable, we also are invested in your success. This means helping you set goals, and giving you the best path forward to achieve them.

Keep Changing It Up

Along with your plan that has been made for you, it’s important to keep mixing things up to keep your interest. 5×5’s in the gym are boring, let’s just be real. Most people love CrossFit because of it’s varied workouts – it’s always something different every single time you come in. But if we don’t change even this concept up, it can become boring too.

Each month we implement specialty courses. This may look something like a Gymnastics Course, Mobility Class, Rowing Club, or Olympic Weightlifting Club. This is a great opportunity to invest in some extra work to help you continue to advance your skills and challenge you in other ways outside of your regular class schedule. It keeps it fun and interesting.

In that same breath, our Nutrition Coaching Program also follows this same premise. We set our plan, and build the skills with our clients as we go. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each person is different, needs a different recommendation, as well as a different approach. We also advance our clients in different methods too, as not everyone progresses at the same speed or with the same success rate.

Keep changing it up. Get into and try new things. Use your fitness in different ways, and keep challenging yourself. This is a great method to retain your motivation if you always have something to work towards.

If you need some motivation to get started on a fitness or nutrition program, book your FREE No Sweat Intro here. This is your first step towards taking control and having the right tools to succeed!

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