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How Do You Know If Our Program Is For You?

Life carries on. Now that our regular routines have mostly resumed, we’re getting back into the swing of things and looking for any sense of “normalcy” we can find. While many of our members carried on working towards their health and fitness goals during the lockdown, there were many people out there who tried and failed, or didn’t even attempt it at all. We’re realized now more than ever that if we’re going to beat this thing, we need to be healthy and we need to be fit.

You’ve now set out to take control. You’re locked and loaded with these goals, but you just need a place to start. How do you know if our program is the right one for you? How do you know that our program will help you achieve what you’re looking to do? Here’s a couple things you should consider when seeking out a new fitness and nutrition program.

Invested In Your Goals

When you first set out, it’s important to find the type of leadership that is equally invested in what you’re trying to accomplish just as much as you are. You don’t want to be treated like just a number or a transaction. Find a program that has a human element to it. Someone who you can trust has your best interests at hand. If the first answer out of their mouth is, “This is how much we cost, we’re cheaper than the rest, and we offer all these discounts.” vs., “How can I help? What are you trying to achieve? What hasn’t worked for you in the past? What do you need?” – It’s maybe not a place that truly cares about helping you.


The thing about the common gym membership is that the only care and attention that is put into it by the one you are paying, is at the very beginning. The time and attention is directed to capture the sale, and then essentially the rest is left on your plate. You enter the gym, do your own thing, and leave when you’re finished. For some, this works. But for most, the motivation to keep this routine consistent (which is our best results yielder) is probably one of the biggest contributors to why people fail.

What if you could find a place that cared more than just that initial transaction? Would the feeling of belonging help you achieve consistency? If you missed a class, would it make you feel valued if a Coach or fellow member reached out to you to see if everything was okay? 

Now apply that to a large membership base. Can this be sustained at a high membership number by the place you might be seeking out? Those that are truly invested in your success will make sure you know you are valued, and that you belong. They care that you didn’t make it to class because you got a flat tire. 


Once you make that initial transaction over your common gym membership, do you have enough knowledge and confidence to guide yourself through the proper movements? How do you know that you’re performing the movements correctly? Do you feel confident reading an image posted on the wall, and then trying to replicate it under load? 

If the place you are going to has guided workouts, consider the experience and knowledge of the person leading your session. While education is important and highly valued, experience is a far greater teacher. Has this person worked with other people who share the same starting point as you? Can they communicate in effective ways to help you achieve what you’re trying to do? If you injure yourself, do they understand what has happened, and how to manage it? 


While working out alone works for some, it doesn’t work for all. Typically, these health and fitness journeys we embark on are steep mountains to climb. We’ve got a starting point, and when things get tough, we can either shut down and quit or carry on. Who do you have surrounding you in those times to help you be successful? 

If you are self-motivated, great. If you’re not – does the place you are seeking out have a support system that will help you? Are the people who frequent this location those that will uplift you and carry you along? Do you feel inspired and motivated in positive ways when you step foot in there? This list of goals you are about to tackle is going to get tough. It’s important that we put ourselves in the best possible scenario to help us succeed. Who is around us is one of those important elements. 

We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. Choose wiseley. You will need to draw on these people extensively. 

Is It The Right Fit For You?

After consulting with the gym you are looking at joining, decide whether that person has your best interests at heart to help you succeed. You also want to know that you will not be forgotten about once your membership is processed. As you continue to achieve your goals, this person should help you continually set new goals and new paths to help you get there. Lastly, make sure the environment you are walking into is one that will uplift you and not draw from you.

Choosing a place to start can be stressful, and oftentimes we end up seeking the cheapest option rather than the highest quality option. Don’t get caught up in the price tag. That price tag is set for a reason. You get what you pay for.

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