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How to Create a Summer Workout Schedule That Fits Your Travel Plans

Are your summer travel plans making it challenging to stick to your fitness routine?It’s important to create a summer workout schedule that perfectly aligns with your travel plans. Say goodbye to fitness setbacks and hello to a fit and fabulous summer! So, grab your workout gear and let’s get started!

Lack of Motivation during Vacations

Unleash the Power of Outdoor Activities

When the sun is shining and you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cooped up in a stuffy gym. Embrace the great outdoors and let it be your playground! Engaging in outdoor activities not only keeps you active but also adds an element of fun and adventure to your fitness routine. Fitness can be disguised as cycling along a beachfront, hiking up a mountain trail, or challenging your friends to a game of beach volleyball. The possibilities are endless! Explore your fitness!

The Beach: Your Fitness Haven

If you’re lucky enough to be hitting the beach this summer, make the most of it! Take advantage of the natural resistance provided by the sand. Walking or jogging on the beach requires more effort than on solid ground, giving your lower body an excellent workout. Engage your core and stabilize your body as the shifting sand challenges your balance. You can even try bodyweight exercises like push-ups or burpees right on the shore for an added challenge.

Limited Equipment while Traveling

Embrace Bodyweight Exercises

When your travels take you far from your usual fitness equipment, it’s time to become best friends with your bodyweight. Bodyweight exercises are versatile, effective, and require no additional equipment, making them the perfect solution for on-the-go workouts. From squats and lunges to planks and mountain climbers, your bodyweight can provide all the resistance you need to build strength, burn calories, and stay fit. These exercises engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, giving you a full-body workout in minimal time. No dumbbells? No problem! Your bodyweight takes away the excuse of not having any equipment available to you!

Get Creative with Everyday Objects

Turn your hotel room into a makeshift fitness studio by utilizing everyday objects as workout props. A chair can double as a step for tricep dips or incline push-ups. Water bottles or heavy books can act as makeshift weights for bicep curls or shoulder presses. Think outside the box, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of exercises you can perform using common items found in your surroundings. Who knew a water jug could be so versatile?

Stay Fit on Your Summer Adventures

Congratulations! You’ve learned the secrets to creating a summer workout schedule that seamlessly integrates with your travel plans. By embracing outdoor activities, unleashing the power of bodyweight exercises, and getting creative with everyday objects, you can stay on track with your fitness goals, even when on vacation.

Remember, fitness isn’t just about the destination; it’s about enjoying the journey. So, lace up your sneakers, put on a smile, and make every workout an adventure. Whether you’re conquering mountain peaks or doing lunges on the beach, embrace the freedom of movement and the joy of staying active amidst your summer escapades.

If you are wanting structure with your workouts, our Expert Coaches can always build you a plan that you can modify to your surroundings and travel schedule. Book your FREE No Sweat Intro here, and let’s chat about what that looks like!

Now go out there and make your summer workouts sizzle like the scorching sun! 💪☀️

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