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How To Fuel For The CFF Intramural Open

While the CrossFit Open is one of the most exciting and fun times of the year in our gym, there can be so much confusion on how to set yourself up for success. Nutrition is confusing on the best of days, but now you add in a big event and everything seems so complicated! But it doesn’t have to be that way!

One of the most common questions we get is “How do I prepare for CrossFit Open Workouts when it comes to nutrition?” You want to make sure you are eating enough, and eating the right foods as well, so that you aren’t hitting a major energy slump in the middle of the workout! We ALL want to perform our bests!

Let‘s talk about what to do the night before and the day of!

What To Eat The Day Before The Open

While carbohydrate loading is a popular myth, loading up on a big pasta dinner the night before does not give you significantly more energy the day of an event. Instead focus on balance and pair protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and healthy fats together. Try to eat meals that you are familiar with the night before. Focus on balance and consistency! 

This sounds a lot like our Plate Method recommendations, because it is! These basic principles apply to everything – even performance-based events!

*Sample Meal Idea for the Night Before: Cheesy Beef and Broccoli Bake with roasted sweet potato on the side!

What To Eat The Day Of The Open

The day of the workout, you want to eat only foods that you are familiar with. This is NOT the day to try something new! 

Remember that liquids are faster digested than solid food and fat slows down digestion. Stick with smaller meals and focus on protein and carbohydrates around your workout. 

Make sure you start the day off with a well-balanced breakfast using the Plate Method, and then some form of carbohydrate/protein combination before your workout. This could be something like a banana with some nut butter, some deli meat and an apple sauce packet. Keep it simple. You need easy food at this point. After the workout, the premise is exactly the same.

What To Eat The Morning Of The Open

  • Focus on protein and carbohydrates while limiting the amount of fat you consume before your workout
  • Don’t try anything new

*Sample Breakfast Idea: Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

What To Eat After Your Open Workout

Balanced meals after your workout promote optimal recovery. Eat a meal that contains protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Avoid consuming highly processed foods or foods high in added sugar as they cause additional inflammation. Make sure to get adequate rest to promote muscle recovery and decrease inflammation.

Don’t Forget About Hydration!

Don’t forget to hydrate with water throughout the day. Dehydration can decrease performance up to 20%While sports drinks are marketed as electrolyte replacements, they can be loaded with sugar. Instead drink coconut water with no added sugar to replace your electrolytes if you are sweating. A BCAA supplement will also help with this and can add some recovery benefits. Our Driven product at our front desk is highly recommended for this cause!

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