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How To Start A Fitness Routine in 2021

If you Google “how to start a fitness routine,” you’ll be bombarded with results. Some with great advice, and some with not-so-great advice. For example, the Mayo Clinic has five suggestions you should follow:

  1. Assess fitness level.
  2. Design program.
  3. Assemble equipment.
  4. Start.
  5. Monitor progress.

While we aren’t going to argue with the Mayo Clinic, what does that even mean for the average individual? That’s not very helpful at all. If anything, it leaves them even more confused about what they should be doing. Most don’t know how to assess their current fitness level. They just know they can’t go up the stairs without being winded, or they’ve gained 20 pounds since they last step foot in a gym. Designing a program is something that is far too complicated for those without the knowledge, and a free version you might find on the internet is most definitely not the way to get the results you are seeking. What if this person can’t get their hands on the necessary equipment the internet tells them they need? We’re only three steps into this advice, and it now seems impossible for someone to get started in a new fitness routine!

It Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

We want to be clear: We want you to start a fitness program in 2021. It’s never been more important than now to make sure we’ve got our health in check, both physically and mentally. Some activity is better than no activity – so it doesn’t even need to be something as complicated as a specific program design. Start with a walk around the block every night, and build up from there. It seems trivial and something minute, but it can be a major difference maker for many.

Advice like that above puts a lot of pressure on the consumer to research, plan, purchase, and then execute – all by themselves. We know this because it’s those people who have come to us – those who have tried to start a fitness program on their own, but have become totally confused and unsuccessful. Some even quit trying all together before contacting us.

The First Step

Start off by coming to sit down and talk with us for a No Sweat Intro. We are experts in assessing fitness levels, designing programs, and monitoring your results. We have done this every single day, for the last ten years, with thousands of clients!

We also have all of the equipment you will ever need. And no worries if you don’t want to come into the gym, or if you are located out of town – we can make it work remotely for you too, by customizing our programming for what you have available to you. Whether it’s a milk jug filled with sand, an old elliptical in your basement covered in dust, or you don’t have anything at your disposal at all – we will make it work!

No matter what barriers lie in your way, we can help work through them with you. Start off by booking your FREE No Sweat Intro here, and come in to talk with a professional. We’ll learn about your goals, what you hope to accomplish, and build that right path forward to help you be the most successful.

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