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Lift Off For The Soup Haven

It’s December, which means our annual event is right around the corner! Our Lift Off For The Soup Haven is a community event that we have ran for now three years, aimed at gathering funds and food donations for The Soup Haven, located here in Yorkton. The whole entire month of December is dedicated to the Soup Haven. Here’s what you need to know.

Check In For Charity

Starting on December 1st, all check-ins on Facebook are dedicated to the Soup Haven. Each time you visit the gym, use your Facebook account to check-in at the gym’s location. Use the hashtag #CheckInForCharity in your post, and at the end of the month, we tally up all the check-ins. Each check-in is worth 30.6 cents, and with the amount of members we have, and visits that happen in a month, this adds up quickly!

Your check-in is extremely valuable. Dedicate that 1 second of your day each time you come to the gym to help us build that fund!

Lift Off For The Soup Haven

On Sunday, December 27th, we’ll be running our third annual Lift Off. The Lift Off is a dedicated day where we can gather together (socially distanced and within regulations, of course), drink coffee, and lift heavy weights. We’ll be testing our “CrossFit Total”, with the opportunity to add additional lifts such as your Bench Press and Power Clean.

What is the CrossFit Total?

The CFT is a max load opportunity at your Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift. You get as many attempts as you want to build up your loads. When you’re ready to attempt a new personal record, you get 3 attempts at each movement.

How does it work?

We’ll be opening registration spots of 8 people, just like our classes run. We will run heats of 8 every 45 minutes. You will have 45 minutes at the rig to complete your Back Squat and Shoulder Press, and then you will progress out into the boxes on the floor to complete your deadlift. You have another 45 minutes to complete your deadlift – should you need that much time. Every 45 minutes we will rotate and bring in 8 new people. This will help us control the population in the gym and make sure we are meeting regulations.

Understand that this is not a class. Coaches will be present to oversee and spot your lifts, but we will not be running this as a class. Consider this as an “Open Gym” format, but with specific things to do. You will come in, warm yourselves up, and get started on your 45 minute chunks of time.

What’s so great about the Lift Off?

We have a lot of new members, so we wanted to help you better understand why an event like this is so amazing for our community. The camaraderie, the fellowship, and the empowerment that comes from an event like this is amazing. Nothing beats watching someone lift heavy, beat their personal bests out of the water, and the whole place cheers and screams for you in excitement. The energy in the room in moments like that is palpable, and unlike anything that can be mimicked elsewhere. This is a unique experience, and we highly encourage you to be a part of it just to see what the power of a community can do for you.

What do I need to do?

Log into MindBody, and secure your spot in a timeslot that you’d like. The cost to register is $20. This is purely by donation, and CrossFit FUNCTION will match all donations gathered, on top of the #CheckInForCharity funds also! Members have often chosen to donate more on their own by bringing cash on the day, but for the sake of reserving your spot in the timeslot you’d like, your account will be charged $20.

On the day, show up at your reserved time. Get yourself warmed up. The Coach will give you some directions, and then from there, it’s all self-led! Have fun, lift heavy, drink coffee, and enjoy the fellowship!

If you’d like to attempt additional lifts – bench press and power clean – we ask for an additional small donation for additional lifts!

*unfortunately due to Covid, they cannot accept food donations, so they are using all monetary donations to purchase gift cards for their family hampers!

It’s All About Our Community

Our #CheckInForCharity promo has been running for 8 years now, each month selecting a new local initiative to donate our check-in funds to. Every December, we are proud to choose the Soup Haven and help a little with their lunches for kids in schools. Supporting our local community in the same ways that our members support the CFF community is a part of our Vision & Mission. If we can make an impact like this to help make sure that some kids are getting lunches at school, it’s a no-brainer.

We want to sincerely thank our members for continuing to help us provide opportunities like this for our community at-large.

We can’t wait to hang out, drink coffee, and lift heavy with you!

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