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Meet Our Members: Jo-ann Kennedy

1. Why did you join CrossFit FUNCTION?

I trained for half marathons for years. It was easy: choose a 12 or 16 week program and simply follow it. Then I began to compete in Masters Track and Field where I do receive excellent technical coaching. However, I found it daunting to figure out a personal, successful fitness program for sprinting and jumping events. This winter I just happened to select a library book about the origins and philosophy of CrossFit and decided this was the answer. I had never trained in a gym before and the hardest part was just walking through that CFF door for the first time to find out how to join. So glad I did.

2. What’s been your biggest accomplishment at CFF?

I’ve only been training for a few weeks before the CFF box shut down due to Covid-19. I learned enough by then to set up a workout area at home and continue receiving instruction and WODS from Taryn. On the day I was completing the Humboldt Strong WOD, I slipped and hurt my shin quite badly. I received stitches and was virtually unable to walk without crutches. It looked like my training for the next two weeks was going to be Couch Potato 101. But two days later, Taryn sent me an upper body workout and I got it done! She continued to modify WODS for me and I sailed through the recovery feeling like an athlete rather than a cripple. 

3. What are you working on now?

Push-ups. I realize I never did them properly in the past and they are so difficult. However, I’ve been shown various ways to modify so I can do them in a WOD but my goal is to get strong enough to do good – form – on-the-floor pushups!

4. What’s your favourite CFF memory?

CrossFit culture has its own language including names of movements, acronynyms for workouts (such as WOD) and number sequences. I feel like I’m learning a new language and Taryn is so patient to explain it all as I train at home.  But one day, when she assigned a timed warmup with a sequence of 3 challenging exercises to do each successive minute, I did not clarify the “language” and proceeded to do them all in one minute and then repeated it three times.  My warmup was definitely harder than the actual WOD that day! It sure was an LOL moment!

5. What motivates you to continue training at CFF?

The whole philosophy and daily operation of CFF resonates with me. The knowledgeable coaches can quickly assess my strengths and weaknesses; they modify movements as needed; they encourage yet challenge me and they maintain a sense of humor through it all! I feel welcomed and empowered and I see that these leaders do the same for all their clients. They truly welcome anybody at any fitness level.  This is not just a place to work out. CFF is a place to learn, improve, grow, achieve and experience empowerment that translates to all aspects of one’s life.

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