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Meet Our Members: Krista Bennett

1. Why did you join CrossFit FUNCTION?

I joined CrossFit because I had always been interested in the sport but intimidated! I had a friend, Jen, who was doing a bingo challenge and one of the squares was to bring a friend! She coaxed me into coming and now I will never leave! I did my first class and was hooked on the environment, the people and all the fun!

2. What’s been your biggest accomplishment at CFF?

Biggest accomplishment…so many! My first handstand push up, first double under, first 100# clean. Pushing my capabilities as an athlete and realizing my strength! Every darn class is a challenge and I gain 1% better.

3. What are you working on now?

I am now working on leaning out with the nutrition program while maintaining muscle. Also working on my double unders and gymnastics movements! 

4. What’s your favourite CFF memory?

My Fav memory was the day I was doing the Open workout and Halle joined me… That’s when I knew she was hooked and she also discovered so much more about herself! It was in that moment her confidence changed!

5. What motivates you to continue training at CFF?

I friggin love the people… It’s a family, and the positivity of the environment – no matter on Zoom or in the gym – is felt all the time! 

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