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Meet Our Members: Staci Wyatt

1. Why did you join CrossFit FUNCTION?

I had just ran a half marathon a few months before, it was the middle of winter, I had become very inactive, my rehab clients were more active than myself so I know I needed to do something. I had also done a rehab course the year before and Synergy had done a little CrossFit class for us and I loved it! Also… Trevor was bugging me about joining for a while and then at one point he said you’ll never join and I thought F you and I did! All on my own. 

2. What’s been your biggest accomplishment at CFF?

Getting close to 100lbs over my head when I started at 6lbs. Also competing in my first Open, and finishing the first workout within the time cap.

3. What are you working on now?

During COVID just saying active so I can stay sane, still fit in my clothes and not lose all my fitness…
If this COVID thing never happened, I was working with Whitney on my squats and mobility to help with all my lifts and function.

4. What’s your favourite CFF memory?

Damn, I have a lot.. Kicking Dion while doing a pull up, flipping the big tire, doing a headstand, “Murph” on May long weekend, the Triathlon we did, Sour Lemons, PRing my deadlift on a Friday night. 

5. What motivates you to continue training at CFF?

How it makes me feel, both inside and out. A sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment, the people…

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