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Member Achievements – Chantel Ruf!

We love celebrating client success, and nutrition ones are always so exciting!

Chantel decided to take the next step with her nutrition because she noticed that her clothes weren’t fitting comfortably anymore, and she was struggling being a shift-worker and making sure she was getting in enough food!

Fast forward a month into her program, and she’s seeing some GREAT results!

Being a shift worker makes this process a little bit more challenging, but it’s not impossible! With some dedication, pre-planning, and thinking ahead, Chantel has been able to eat great quality meals, balanced to keep her energy high through her shift, and eat the right amount of food throughout the day, even when she’s sleeping at irregular times!

Her clothes are starting to fit better, and she’s eating more than she ever did before!

Let’s leave Chantel some πŸ™ŒπŸ½ in the comments! These results have come with a ton of hard work, in only just a month!

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