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Member Achievements – Charlene Zapshalla!

Nutrition wins are so exciting, especially when they’ve been a long time coming! 

Charlene is no stranger to fitness and nutrition programs, but it was time for her to make a change and find something that would continually challenge her! 

To add more difficulty to her situation she was already facing, Charlene is a shift-worker and was finding that she would barely eat after long night shifts.

Her goals over the last month have been to build a routine that will help her find success in managing her night shifts, get in enough food, eat the right amounts of protein, and be able to sustain this over the long haul.

Shift work can throw a really big wrench into plans like these, but your health is more important than your work schedule, and Charlene was determined to learn and make it work!

She’s seen some really great results after the first month, and she’s also executed on her goals amongst her night shifts!

We are proud of your hard work so far, Charlene!

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