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Member Achievements – Shawna Boyda!

We LOVE celebrating our members when they do amazing things! PR’s in the gym are one thing, but we love watching our members hit their goals in their lives outside of the gym!

Shawna has seen some incredible progress over the past 8 weeks after dialling in her nutrition, her fitness, and working through her routines and habits!

After redeveloping some consistency back into her life, and having a coach to guide her and keep her accountable to the process, she’s seen her clothes start fitting better, more energy, and a level of adherence she hadn’t seen in a long time!

Over the past 8 weeks, she’s lost almost TEN INCHES, and she’s decreased her body fat percentage by 2%!

AMAZING results so far! And she’s not even done yet! Her and Coach T have only just begun!

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