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Our Story

CrossFit FUNCTION exists in Yorkton, SK because there was a need for an all-encompassing program to bring together fitness, nutrition, mindset, routines, and habits in a way that would help change the trajectory of the lives within our community. Through example and influence, we aim to impact over 10,000 lives in and around the community of Yorkton.

The Beginning

I got into the fitness industry because things like fitness and nutrition had such a life-changing impact for me. I found fitness because I was looking for something to replace the competition I had to leave behind in basketball. It would soon impact me in ways I didn’t know were possible, or ways I wasn’t expecting. It gave me a change in mindset that helped me understand the importance of nutrition, and having habits and routines that better served me than what I was currently doing. Most of all – it grounded me as a young 19 year old and gave me something to funnel my energy into that was more positive than what other people my age were doing.

Over the past 10 years of running CrossFit FUNCTION, this is a story that I have heard countless numbers of times: Life-changing in ways they couldn’t fathom when they began. And that was me 10+ years ago – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, wanting to share everything about what I had got into, and what I couldn’t get enough of.

Why It Came To Be

I decided to open CrossFit FUNCTION at the time because I knew there were people out there that were just like me. They needed something that could empower them to see the potential that they didn’t know they had. I needed to share this with people in my community because I wanted them to feel the way I did when I lifted a barbell for the first time, or ran a 5KM when I didn’t think that I could. I wanted them to transform their own lives the same way mine had.

That feeling of success was important for me to share with people because I knew they weren’t getting it from the avenues within their lives currently. I felt that it was my responsibility to help people improve their lives. And at only 19 years old, CrossFit FUNCTION was born in an effort to give people that key to improve the quality of their life.

What I’ve Learned

10 years is a long time. Since opening CFF, I have learned many things. I have learned that people don’t believe in themselves, and their support systems at home are not always as strong as they might think it is. You can change a person’s entire day around just by saying “Hello” to them as they walk in the door, and asking them about their day. That then extends so much further than the hour they spend with you. Coming to a place where they feel seen, heard, and appreciated can be the difference they need to carry on. And yet many can say that they don’t have a place that exists in their lives like this currently. I am proud that CFF has become just that for many, many people over those 10 years – including myself.

I have also learned that it takes more than just joining a gym, and paying for a nutrition program to create the change you are wanting to see. Simply throwing money at your problems is not enough, and in addition to the support of the Coach and the environment, it takes a certain degree of commitment and accountability to yourself to see it through to get to the success you’re chasing. Paying is not enough. Action is everything. The space between the two is the toughest part, and most fitness programs lack the clarity on how to help their clients through that middle valley. Fortunately, we have worked very hard to fill that valley and help our clients be successful through that gap.

The most pivotal thing I have learned is that fitness and nutrition are not the answer. It took me 10 years to learn this, because it is often the traditional approach in the fitness industry – here’s your workouts, and here’s a meal plan to follow along. They are part of the solution, but they aren’t the total solution. The total solution is composed of those two factors – fitness and nutrition – but it also encompasses your routines and habits. Those need to be in sync and set up in a way that will enable success. Lastly, the most important part but most often forgotten part, is what’s between your ears. If your mindset isn’t right, the rest of the puzzle pieces do not matter.

The Mission Remains The Same

Today we are more invested than ever in our clients. We are more invested than ever in the solution to our client’s problems. We are more invested than ever in changing the lives of those in and around our community.

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