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Stay Fit or Go To Happy Hour?

Doesn’t it seem like we have to eat and drink like Kings in order to have a social life? We hit that restaurant and it’s drink after drink, the biggest steak you can find, covered with all different types of sauces, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy, and garlic bread on the side. Wow, if that didn’t make your mouth water just now!

But we started working on our goals earlier this year, and one of those goals was to eat better, and lose weight. So the thought of going to Happy Hour with your friends becomes this immensely stressful event. You don’t want to socially avoid everyone, but you also just saw some amazing results when you stepped on the InBody yesterday and you want to keep that forward progress going! So what do you do?

Plate Method Saves The Day

We’ve talked a lot about our Plate Method strategy, and how that can help us maneuver our way through social or family events that aren’t typical to our everyday behaviour.

The Plate Method means that you will make 1/4 of your plate a protein source, another 1/4 of your plate is your starchy carb source, and the last 1/2 of your plate should be your vegetable choice. You can use your fist as a reference for sizing quantity sizes based on what your Nutrition Coach tells you you should aim for. With these two principles, you are able to better handle a meal out.

Most entrees on the menu can fit the Plate Method. They might need some modifying of ingredients, but don’t be afraid to ask your waiter/waitress to make those modifications. Restaurants are actually more than happy to do these things — it’s often our own perception telling us a story that we are a burden to the staff or to our friends along with us.

Pack It Up – You Don’t Need It All!

The portion sizes on restaurant meals are often out of whack. You are fed 1000+ calories in one plate of food, and that’s far exceeding most Average Joe’s meal allotment.

One of the easiest ways to counteract this is to ask the waiter to pack up half the meal and only serve you the other half. You can use the other half to give to your spouse/kids, or save it for tomorrow and repeat this process, but from home.

This way, you won’t be tempted to overeat, and you’ll save yourself the temptation to continue eating if you wait until the end of the meal to pack it up. Just deal with it before, and you’ll be more satisfied when you finish eating.

Before & After Is Equally Important

Use the beginning of the day to make excellent choices when it comes to your meal choices, and prioritize your protein especially. When we get to restaurants in the evening, we usually pick snacky food, or we might pick an option that has a lower protein quantity in it. Prioritize your protein intake early in the day and you’ll find that you also won’t be as hungry once you hit the restaurant – another way to avoid over-eating.

It’s also important to note that you should be prioritizing your water intake, too. Get those fluids in throughout the day leading up to the meal, and this will help you avoid alcohol consumption (or over-consumption, if you do), as well, it will help you make better food choices, too!

One Success Leads To Another

Make it through this night successfully, and you’ll find that when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll be more inclined to continue making great decisions. Think about it from the opposite perspective — When you have a terrible meal out, filled with endless alcoholic drinks, what happens the next day when you wake up? You may skip breakfast, or you might have a breakfast ladened with sugar. This might mean you miss lunch, and end up on the couch with a bag of chips for the night.

But if we make our way through this situation with a plan, it’s highly possible that the next day you will continue on making great decisions. Momentum is a powerful thing.

What will you do to handle your next social outing more successfully? If you find that this is a struggle for you, or that your life is filled with hotel visits, travel for work, kids activities, or anything that just puts your routine out of the norm — reach out. Our Nutrition Coaches can help you make a plan and a strategy that will work for you, and fit within your lifestyle. All you need to do is book a FREE No Sweat Intro with us!

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