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The CFF Advanced Theory Course

Coaches at CrossFit Function are some of the most highly-educated in their field. We are committed to lifelong learning and sharing of knowledge. Think about those first 3-5 minutes of your workout when the Coach explains why you’re about to do the workout in front of you. This is already building information into your learning curve. Because of our Coaches contribution to helping you understand the greater meaning behind your workout, you now are more invested in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

The science behind what we do is usually only revealed to our Coaches. The system is intricate. The system is there to help elicit the BEST out of our clients. It’s there because our Mission is to help change our client’s lives. But we do recognize that an interest in knowing those systems does exist. There are clients of ours that want to know more of what goes on behind the scenes that only our Coaches get to know and see. And we can’t blame them. If you want to be the best version of yourself, usually you’re knowledge hungry. And we love that.

This year, we are offering an Advanced Theory Course. It will come around once a year, with our first run of it happening on January 9th. Generally something like this is offered as an “Internship Course” because usually those who partake in it are interested in one day coaching. But we want to help all those knowledge hungry folks instead. We are opening our Advanced Theory Course to anyone who would like to see the other side of the whiteboard: the programming, the relevant science, learning how to speak in front of a group, and what it looks like to manage a class.

Here’s the details you need to know:

  • Registration: 10 spots open.
  • Cost: $49+GST and your time. Be prepared to commit every Saturday – January 9/16/23/30th from 1-3PM. There will be some additional homework assigned, like reading some articles, writing.

If you don’t like public speaking, this may not be for you. Not to say that we can’t help you get more comfortable with that, but it is something our Coaches focus on each time they step onto the floor. It is a large part of what we do, and it’s a large focal point of this course!

While our Advanced Theory Course is a pre-requesite for our future Coaches at CrossFit Function, it’s not the only one. If you’re taking this course to become a Coach, there’s no promise of work upon completion of the ATC. This is simply to shine light behind the scenes for those who are interested, and if we think you might be the right candidate for our team, we’ll reach out.

At the end of the course, you’ll be fully enlightened on why we do what we do, and how we do it. You’ll learn more about the CrossFit methodology, and you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to do as an athlete to take full advantage of our program. 

And if you’re in this because you’re interested in becoming a Coach at CFF, you’re already down the right path of personal and professional growth that our staff holds high standards for!

If you’re interested in joining us for our Advanced Theory Course, please send an email to [email protected] to secure your spot. First class beings January 9th! 


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