The Ultimate Guide to the 2022 Intramural Open at CFF!

Our goals at CrossFit FUNCTION revolve around guiding you, educating you, and inspiring you.

Part of the way we choose to inspire you is to bring our community together and show you what the power of a group can do. Competition is a great way to accomplish this – The pressure to perform will elevate your effort; dozens of your best friends shouting at you will help fuel your adrenaline and reach new heights. We’ve seen this time and time again in the past, and each year as the CrossFit Open rolls around, we get excited to watch it all come to fruition for another year.

Each year, CrossFit HQ hosts The CrossFit Open. This is a worldwide competition meant to find the Fittest On Earth. But for the majority of us Average Joes, it’s an opportunity to come together as a community, complete a few weeks worth of workouts, and celebrate all the things each of us will accomplish. This year, the CrossFit Open starts on February 24th, and for those of you who have been around with us for many years, we’re going to take a slightly different approach on it this year! We are very excited for the CrossFit FUNCTION Intramural Open!


The first step of the Intramural Open is to select our Team Captains! These individuals will be leaders within our community (not the Coaches!), people who show great levels of positivity and encouragement, and who are highly involved with all walks of the CFF environment. These individuals will represent our 4-5 teams, and from here, the 2022 CFF Intramural Open will begin!


Deciding to register for the CrossFit Open is entirely up to you, but we highly encourage you to. For those of you in the past who have participated with us, this meant registering online with CrossFit HQ. This year, we’re scrapping that mentality. You can register if you want, if comparing yourself to the millions of people worldwide is important to you – by all means. But this year, there will be a $20 registration to participate at the gym. The purpose of this registration fee is to help with prizes, t-shirts, our draft party, helps pay our staff for being there each weekend, banners, food and coffee, Goal Reviews, the CFF Open Trophy, and all the other great things we will be providing during these weeks. Again, this event is about our community coming together. We’re not out here trying to make the CrossFit Games. We’re just out here trying to do some really awesome things, with some really awesome people. So this is what it will look like for you as a participant:

  • Registration Fee: $20+GST
  • Registration + CFF Open T-Shirt: $55+GST


As soon as you register, a Coach will reach out with you to schedule in a Goal Review! One of the best things about the Open is that after it’s all over, we have a better idea of where we stand, and the things we want to accomplish! You will have better ideas of new goals you want to achieve, and we can help you get there. So let’s sit down and chat about it!


On February 6th, we will host our Intramural Open Draft Day! Together, our Team Captains will select to their team from the people registered. Once the initial teams are established, the Team Captains will head out to recruit others to their team. There is a prize and points to be earned for having the largest team before the Open begins! 


Let’s add some friendly competition to our community, and add some points into the mix to race towards! Some things that points will count for:

  • points for your team for registering
  • points for the largest team registered
  • points for showing up on Sunday 
  • points for completing the workout
  • top 3 males and top 3 females on each team will earn points for their team
  • points for hitting a new PR
  • points for trying something new
  • points for participating in our Spirit Days, which will lead to the Spirit of the Open
  • plus many more opportunities!

When the Open is all said and done, we’ll tally up the points and announce our winner! The winning team will become the first team to win the CFF Open Championship Cup, which will come with annual bragging rights! They’ll also get their name on the CFF Open Winner’s Banner, which will hang in the gym all year long.

Along with bragging rights and becoming immortalized, we’ve got some prizes from local businesses and other companies of products we love! A lot of fun ready to share around!


Starting on the week of February 21st, every Thursday night, CrossFit HQ will release the workout for the week. We will put together a suggested warm-up and strategy of attack, and record that for you so you have some information heading into your workout on the Sunday of that week! A link will be released with a heat sign-up sheet, and your Team Captains will help you get that sorted and make sure you’re signed up for a time slot! We will also announce flow of the day in regards to government restrictions, and what type of help we will need from you to help us stay within our restricted boundaries. 

When Sunday rolls around, come on in and join your friends to complete your workout! Be inspired by the power of community and the atmosphere that the Open creates, and challenge yourself to achieve new things!


In the past if you have participated along with us, you know that the Open offers you a very black-or-white approach. You either complete the workout “RX” or “Scaled” and that was it. Because this year is about our community and not about comparing ourselves worldwide, you will see our in-class programming come into play! You can choose to do the workout as it’s written and given to us by HQ, or, approach your Sunday like it’s any other day you’re at the gym. Follow our instructions and whiteboard brief on what the intention is supposed to be for the workout, and pick loads/movements that work for you. Run your workout exactly like you would on any other given day. Because again, this is about us coming together. We only care that you are doing the best for YOU. And not everyone fits into the mould that CF HQ pours for the world. We just want to see you challenge yourself, work hard, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. 


We are excited to be offering a Prep Program for those of you who want to work on your skills further. Skills that we will touch will be things that are often involved in the Open – wallballs, double unders, Olympic Weightlifting movements, all things gymnastics, rowing, and of course, thrusters! We’ll cover types of workouts and how to attack the different styles of them. We’ll talk about prep in general, and recovery – two important factors that are often overlooked. 

This Prep Program will be thorough and full of all kinds of valuable information for those of you who really enjoy this time of year. And if you’re new to the Open, consider this as an opportunity to work on your skills as a whole, and become more well-rounded! 

More details to come on this! In the meantime, if you’re eager to perfect your pull-ups, muscle-ups, burpees, snatches all before this begins, reach out! We’ll book you in for a 30 Minute Skill Session with a Coach and get some coaching under your sleeve, as well as some homework!

You can also keep your eyes open for a FREE nutrition talk in our private Member’s Only group! This will give you all the information you might need to best prepare for your workout, and make sure that your recovery is up to par! More details to come on this also!


I know some of you have been with us for a long time, and this will be different than any other way we’ve attempted this time of the year. We are excited for these changes, and that our focus has now become on FUN, and community. We are expecting a large participation factor from all avenues of our programs – our regular members in the gym, our PT clients, our Kids & Teens, our MASTERS (!), and both our Online and At-Home members. We’ll bring everyone together and show you the power that this time of year has. It will make you fitter, you’ll collect yourself more air high-fives, and as a result you’ll be happier, enjoying yourself more, and meeting new friends along the way.

Cheers to the 2022 Open at CrossFit FUNCTION!

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