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The Vicious Cycle of Failure

You’re scrolling through your Facebook for the hundredth time that day, and you come across an ad for a fitness program which is advertising that it’s the answer you’ve been looking for. You get in your car and you drive down there, sign up, swipe your credit card, and they give you a FOB to access it whenever you want. While you’re getting the tour of the facility, the nice lady who signed you up tells you why nutrition is important and adds a meal plan to your program while you’re there.

Great. You’ve committed to a fitness program, you’ve got your meal plan in your back pocket. You’re all set.


History Repeats Itself

How many times have you been through that exact scenario? The first few days, or the first few weeks seem like they’re really easy. It’s enjoyable, you don’t mind getting up every day for that early morning workout, and the food seems to be tolerable. The results come small, but they’re there.

The 3rd week comes around, and you step on the scale that day. “Still the same,” you haw to yourself. “It’s so cold outside, I’ll go to the gym later,” goes through your mind as you plant yourself down on your computer chair to dig into your work.

And here we are again. The same old vicious cycle. It’s easy to start, harder to stick with. The same story you’ve seen play out time and time again. But why?

It’s Not Enough

So often we get caught with blinders on thinking that committing to a fitness program and a nutrition plan are the answer. They’re not. They’re part of the solution, but they’re not the answer. This vicious cycle wouldn’t exist if they were the answer.

Over the years, we have worked with many people who have encountered this exact same problem. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying. You just need a little guidance, and a few more steps.

The Other Pieces

Fitness and nutrition are simply smaller pieces of a larger puzzle. They are important, but there are other factors that are also – if not more – important than just those two.

Without habits and routines built in and around what you are striving to achieve, and a successful system to keep them rolling, your fitness and nutrition plan will be tough to function on their own.

Think about how many decisions you have to make in a day regarding your fitness and nutrition alone. Many! Your habits and routines are the guide wires that keep those decisions on the right track. They have a heavy influence over your success, but often the importance of your habits and routines are downplayed.

If we can learn to stack our habits and make our routines consistent in a way that reduces the most friction points, success becomes much more likely. Having these four factors – fitness, nutrition, habits, and routines – all in synchronicity means you are more likely to be successful.

The Most Important Piece

Lastly, you can get those four factors all working together, but if what’s between your ears isn’t ready to make the changes necessary, then it will be inherently harder for you to build a sustainable approach.

Fixing your mindset means getting you to a place of positivity, learning how to adapt when friction points present themselves, and setting realistic expectations surrounding those situations.

How you manage this transformation journey between the ears can be the difference between getting caught in that vicious cycle or finally breaking free.

The Solution

Our program is all encompassing of just those things: fitness, nutrition, habits and routines, and most importantly – your mindset. We’ll work with you to build the structure you need, hold you accountable, and help you through all the valleys you’ll encounter along the way.

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