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What To Do When The Gym Has You Feeling Bored

You’ve been doing something for a really long time, and all of a sudden you feel like abandoning it. You lack creativity, and the only thing that seems to be the solution is abandonment. Have you ever felt that way when thinking about your current fitness routine? If you’re thinking about quitting, here’s a few reasons why that might be happening to you and how you can fix them.

Not Knowing What To Do

We hear this a lot when people come to speak to us during No Sweat Intros and tell us their regular gym routines don’t work. Big Box Gyms just offer accessibility, and past that, there isn’t much. You’re left wandering around not knowing how to use machines, what movements you should be doing, if you’re even doing them right. More times than none, you result to the treadmill because that’s the only thing that feels “comforting.”

Doing the same thing over and over again is a recipe for boredom. Doing it because you don’t have the knowledge to change it up is even worse. Having a Coach to guide you through your workouts, design you a customized program, or just simply give you suggestions can help relight a fire for you. All of a sudden you will feel like you have direction, and that alone can be motivation enough.

Lack of Motivation

When we aren’t motivated, we tend to take a lot of rest days, or just time off in general. Time away from exercise or the things we know we like to do means that we won’t be getting that regular dosage of endorphins that high intensity exercise provides. Without those endorphins, you’re probably going to be feeling a lot more drag, more malaise, and just overall not that great.

Exercise is so powerful for our hormonal system, even when we don’t know that it’s working for us. Those endorphins are vitally important, and even more so when we’re going through a down time like this. So when you feel bored, don’t avoid it. Get in there and involve yourself in what’s going around you. So often we take the opposite approach. We wait for some kind of motivation to come to us externally, when it actually works the other way. By immersing yourself in the community, being that positive light for someone else, you will find your mood will change on it’s own, and you’ll now feel better about what you are doing.

Don’t avoid it. Get in there and get in the middle of it.

You Don’t Know Why You’re Here

Exercising because you “know” you need to be doing something fitness related is not a good enough reason to be here. While that motivation might work when you initially start out or initially need to make some change, it’s not going to be the thing that keeps you around when the days seem dark.

We all need goals. Goals look like different things to different people. And if you can’t think of an overall thing to set as a goal to chase, pick a goal for that specific day, to that specific workout. If you can’t get that far, then consult with your Coach. They will give you a target to aim for. That’s our job, but we can’t help you unless you talk to us!

Find What’s Right For You

Big Box Gyms want you to punch your membership and then don’t care much about you after that. That’s not how things go here at CrossFit FUNCTION. The very first thing we do is a No Sweat Intro, so we know exactly what it is that you’re looking to achieve. We can then help you stay motivated, and hold you accountable to working towards those things. The power of having that leadership from a coaching team is invaluable.

So it’s not that the gym is making you bored. You’re just bored because you’re understimulated.

Give yourself a challenge to pursue. And if you don’t know what that is or can be, reach out and ask for help.

But don’t quit. Quitting is the worst thing we can do when we get in these situations. It’s always harder to start again than it is to work through a challenging situation.

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