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How To Set Goals Outside of Health & Fitness

Goal setting is important, and we’ve discussed it many times. It’s Coach T’s favourite topic to talk about – and with good reason.

Anyone who comes into CrossFit FUNCTION for the first time moves through a No Sweat Intro with our Client Success Manager, Joanne. This is an important first step because it helps us establish what it is you’re truly trying to accomplish when you first embark on your fitness and health journey. If we just let you come in and get started right away, we would be doing you a huge disservice. We want to be invested in your journey and your success just as much as you are, so that means we want to dig deep and find out what has really brought you here.

As you progress through our program and you really get into your journey, Joanne and our other coaches will sit down with our clients every 90 days for a Goal Review Session. This is a a quick conversation just to celebrate all the Bright Spots you’ve accomplished already, see where you’re still struggling (or if you are), and readjust your plan forward if it needs to be. Sometimes we even adjust it down if it’s warranted!

And while our coaches are very invested in your health and fitness, we’re also invested in helping you become a well-rounded individual as well.

Each quarter, Coach Taryn sits down with our members for a Goal Setting Workshop. This workshop is specific to all of the other areas of our life that we might not think about when we get so focused on pursing our health and fitness.

There are 6 areas that we cover: fitness, family, faith, finances, future, and freedom.

This enables us to be diligent about spending time and investing attention into actionable things that will help us be the best version of ourselves in all realms of our lives, and not just get cornered into making sure we get to the gym everyday and eat really well.

While those things are important – vitally important – we want to make sure we’re spending time investing in the relationships within our lives, whether that’s with our family, our friends, or people like our coworkers. It means we focus on our faith – and not necessarily from a religious background (while it can be), but from anything that grounds us and brings us back to centre. We talk about our finances, and where we can set goals and how to achieve them when it comes to money or things that we want to do that involves money. When we talk future and freedom, we talk about how we want to spend our time specifically, and where we want to be later in the year, and within our lives.

These are some things that you might not think about when goal setting at the gym, and that’s okay. Our Mission is to impact 5000 lives within Yorkton and surrounding community. And that means that if we can impact your life in more ways than just fitness and health, then we’re on the right track!

Over the last 6 months, people who have attended these Goal Setting Workshops with Coach T have gone on to save money and hit financial goals, book and pay for large trips, make moves within their careers that they were afraid to take previously (for MANY years!), build personal growth through reading books, journalling, or spending more time with their kids one-on-one, and building up their relationships with their spouses.

All the while slamming PR’s in the gym and making body composition changes that promote a longer health span.

When you put the work in and put attention where it matters, good things are bound to happen.

But it takes action. This workshop is not about acquiring the knowledge on how to set goals. It’s about going through the material, sitting there in the group, saying your goals out loud and sharing them with others, helping others work through theirs, and building an accountability plan that will help you achieve the day-to-day necessary pieces of the plan.

Goal setting is so important for many different reasons. Making the most of our days, our efforts, our attention, and our intentions just means that we’ll become a well-rounded human being, achieving the things we want to do with our lives.

Are you in? The next Goal Setting Workshop with Coach T starts on Sunday, June 26th at 12PM. You can register for $25+GST by sending us an email.

If you’re wanting more help on goal setting, or just looking to get your fitness and health journey started at the basic steps — reach out. Book a FREE No Sweat Intro here.

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